PYTHON array_count_values

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Python replacement for PHP's array_count_values [ edit | history ]
Python 2.5:
from collections import defaultdict
result = defaultdict(int)
for x in input:
  result[x] += 1

Python 3.1:
from collections import Counter
result = Counter(input)

PHP array_count_values

PHP original manual for array_count_values [ show | ]


(PHP 4, PHP 5)

array_count_valuesCounts all the values of an array


array array_count_values ( array $input )

array_count_values() returns an array using the values of the input array as keys and their frequency in input as values.



The array of values to count

Return Values

Returns an associative array of values from input as keys and their count as value.


Throws E_WARNING for every element which is not string or integer.


Example #1 array_count_values() example

= array(1"hello"1"world""hello");

The above example will output:

    [1] => 2
    [hello] => 2
    [world] => 1

See Also

  • count() - Count all elements in an array, or properties in an object
  • array_unique() - Removes duplicate values from an array
  • array_values() - Return all the values of an array
  • count_chars() - Return information about characters used in a string