PYTHON basename

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Python replacement for PHP's basename [ edit | history ]
import os

If you also need suffix removal:
import  os.path
def  basename  ( path, suffix=None ):
  basename  =  os .path .basename ( path )
  if suffix and basename .endswith ( suffix ):
    basename  =  basename[:-len(suffix)]
  return  basename

See also the Python documentation for os.path.basename which says:

"Note that the result of the os.path.basename function is different from the Unix basename program; where basename for '/foo/bar/' returns 'bar', the basename() function returns an empty string ('')."

PHP basename

PHP original manual for basename [ show | ]


(PHP 4, PHP 5)

basenameReturns filename component of path


string basename ( string $path [, string $suffix ] )

Given a string containing a path to a file, this function will return the base name of the file.



A path.

On Windows, both slash (/) and backslash (\) are used as directory separator character. In other environments, it is the forward slash (/).


If the filename ends in suffix this will also be cut off.

Return Values

Returns the base name of the given path .


Version Description
4.1.0 The suffix parameter was added


Example #1 basename() example

$file basename($path);         // $file is set to "index.php"
$file basename($path".php"); // $file is set to "index"

See Also

  • dirname() - Returns directory name component of path
  • pathinfo() - Returns information about a file path