PYTHON bccomp

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Python replacement for PHP's bccomp [ edit | history ]
As per example:
print cmp(1, 2)
print cmp(1.00001, 1)

If you want to take strings, like bccomp() in PHP:
print cmp(float('1'), float('2'))
print cmp(float('1.00001'), float('1'))

PHP bccomp

PHP original manual for bccomp [ show | ]


(PHP 4, PHP 5)

bccompCompare two arbitrary precision numbers


int bccomp ( string $left_operand , string $right_operand [, int $scale ] )

Compares the left_operand to the right_operand and returns the result as an integer.



The left operand, as a string.


The right operand, as a string.


The optional scale parameter is used to set the number of digits after the decimal place which will be used in the comparison.

Return Values

Returns 0 if the two operands are equal, 1 if the left_operand is larger than the right_operand , -1 otherwise.


Example #1 bccomp() example


echo bccomp('1''2') . "\n";   // -1
echo bccomp('1.00001''1'3); // 0
echo bccomp('1.00001''1'5); // 1