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Python replacement for PHP's getmxrr [ edit | history ]

mxlookup - Get mx records from a given host name

import DNS

mxrecords = DNS.mxlookup()

PHP getmxrr

PHP original manual for getmxrr [ show | ]


(PHP 4, PHP 5)

getmxrrGet MX records corresponding to a given Internet host name


bool getmxrr ( string $hostname , array &$mxhosts [, array &$weight ] )

Searches DNS for MX records corresponding to hostname .



The Internet host name.


A list of the MX records found is placed into the array mxhosts .


If the weight array is given, it will be filled with the weight information gathered.

Return Values

Returns TRUE if any records are found; returns FALSE if no records were found or if an error occurred.


Version Description
5.3.0 This function is now available on Windows platforms.


Note: This function should not be used for the purposes of address verification. Only the mailexchangers found in DNS are returned, however, according to » RFC 2821 when no mail exchangers are listed, hostname itself should be used as the only mail exchanger with a priority of 0.

Note: For compatiblity with Windows before this was implemented, then try the » PEAR class » Net_DNS.

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