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PHP Imagick::orderedPosterizeImage

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(PECL imagick 2.2.2)

Imagick::orderedPosterizeImagePerforms an ordered dither


bool Imagick::orderedPosterizeImage ( string $threshold_map [, int $channel= Imagick::CHANNEL_ALL ] )

This function is currently not documented; only its argument list is available.

Performs an ordered dither based on a number of pre-defined dithering threshold maps, but over multiple intensity levels, which can be different for different channels, according to the input arguments.



A string containing the name of the threshold dither map to use


Provide any channel constant that is valid for your channel mode. To apply to more than one channel, combine channeltype constants using bitwise operators. Defaults to Imagick::CHANNEL_ALL. Refer to this list of channel constants.

Return Values

Returns TRUE on success.


Throws ImagickException on error.