PYTHON imap_utf7_encode

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Python replacement for PHP's imap_utf7_encode [ edit | history ]
def modified_base64(s):
    s_utf7 = s.encode('utf-7')
    return s_utf7[1:-1].replace('/', ',')

def modified_unbase64(s):
    s_utf7 = '+' + s.replace(',', '/') + '-'
    return s_utf7.decode('utf-7')

def encode_imap4_utf7(s, errors=None):
    Encode the given C{unicode} string using the IMAP4 specific variation of

    @type s: C{unicode}
    @param s: The text to encode.

    @param errors: Policy for handling encoding errors.  Currently ignored.

    @return: C{tuple} of a C{str} giving the encoded bytes and an C{int}
        giving the number of code units consumed from the input.
    r = []
    _in = []
    for c in s:
        if ord(c) in (range(0x20, 0x26) + range(0x27, 0x7f)):
            if _in:
                r.extend(['&', modified_base64(''.join(_in)), '-'])
                del _in[:]
        elif c == '&':
            if _in:
                r.extend(['&', modified_base64(''.join(_in)), '-'])
                del _in[:]
    if _in:
        r.extend(['&', modified_base64(''.join(_in)), '-'])
    return (''.join(r), len(s))

PHP imap_utf7_encode

PHP original manual for imap_utf7_encode [ show | ]


(PHP 4, PHP 5)

imap_utf7_encodeConverts ISO-8859-1 string to modified UTF-7 text


string imap_utf7_encode ( string $data )

Converts data to modified UTF-7 text.

This is needed to encode mailbox names that contain certain characters which are not in range of printable ASCII characters.



An ISO-8859-1 string.

Return Values

Returns data encoded with the modified UTF-7 encoding as defined in » RFC 2060, section 5.1.3 (original UTF-7 was defined in » RFC1642).

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