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PHP ldap_err2str

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(PHP 4, PHP 5)

ldap_err2strConvert LDAP error number into string error message


string ldap_err2str ( int $errno )

Returns the string error message explaining the error number errno . While LDAP errno numbers are standardized, different libraries return different or even localized textual error messages. Never check for a specific error message text, but always use an error number to check.



The error number.

Return Values

Returns the error message, as a string.


Example #1 Enumerating all LDAP error messages

for ($i=0$i<100$i++) {
printf("Error $i: %s<br />\n"ldap_err2str($i));

See Also

  • ldap_errno() - Return the LDAP error number of the last LDAP command
  • ldap_error() - Return the LDAP error message of the last LDAP command