PYTHON mb_ereg_replace

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Python replacement for PHP's mb_ereg_replace [ edit | history ]
import re

pattern = re.compile(r'pattern')
replacement = re.compile(r'replaced')
string = 'Some pattern string'

replaced = re.sub(pattern, replacement, string)

Or you can use str or unicode directly for pattern and replacement, instead of re.compile().

using raw str:
pattern = r'pattern'
replacement = r'replaced'

using raw unicode:
pattern = ur'pattern'
replacement = ur'replaced'

PHP mb_ereg_replace

PHP original manual for mb_ereg_replace [ show | ]


(PHP 4 >= 4.2.0, PHP 5)

mb_ereg_replaceReplace regular expression with multibyte support


string mb_ereg_replace ( string $pattern , string $replacement , string $string [, string $option= "msr" ] )

Scans string for matches to pattern , then replaces the matched text with replacement



The regular expression pattern.

Multibyte characters may be used in pattern .


The replacement text.


The string being checked.

Matching condition can be set by option parameter. If i is specified for this parameter, the case will be ignored. If x is specified, white space will be ignored. If m is specified, match will be executed in multiline mode and line break will be included in '.'. If p is specified, match will be executed in POSIX mode, line break will be considered as normal character. If e is specified, replacement string will be evaluated as PHP expression.

Return Values

The resultant string on success, or FALSE on error.


Note: The internal encoding or the character encoding specified by mb_regex_encoding() will be used as the character encoding for this function.

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