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PHP mysqli_report

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(PHP 5)

mysqli_reportEnables or disables internal report functions


bool mysqli_report ( int $flags )

mysqli_report() is a powerful function to improve your queries and code during development and testing phase. Depending on the flags it reports errors from mysqli function calls or queries which don't use an index (or use a bad index).



Supported flags
Name Description
MYSQLI_REPORT_OFF Turns reporting off
MYSQLI_REPORT_ERROR Report errors from mysqli function calls
MYSQLI_REPORT_STRICT Report warnings from mysqli function calls
MYSQLI_REPORT_INDEX Report if no index or bad index was used in a query
MYSQLI_REPORT_ALL Set all options (report all)

Return Values

Returns TRUE on success or FALSE on failure.


Example #1 Object oriented style

/* activate reporting */

$mysqli = new mysqli("localhost""my_user""my_password""world");

/* check connection */
if (mysqli_connect_errno()) {
printf("Connect failed: %s\n"mysqli_connect_error());

/* this query should report an error */
$result $mysqli->query("SELECT Name FROM Nonexistingtable WHERE population > 50000");

/* this query should report a warning */
$result $mysqli->query("SELECT Name FROM City WHERE population > 50000");


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