PYTHON nl2br

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Python replacement for PHP's nl2br [ edit | history ]
def nl2br(string, is_xhtml= True ):
    if is_xhtml:
        return string.replace('\n','<br />\n')
    else :
        return string.replace('\n','<br>\n')

PHP nl2br

PHP original manual for nl2br [ show | ]


(PHP 4, PHP 5)

nl2brInserts HTML line breaks before all newlines in a string


string nl2br ( string $string [, bool $is_xhtml= true ] )

Returns string with '<br />' or '<br>' inserted before all newlines.



The input string.


Whenever to use XHTML compatible line breaks or not (defaults to TRUE).

Return Values

Returns the altered string.


Example #1 using nl2br()

echo nl2br("foo isn't\n bar");

The above example will output:

foo isn't<br />

Example #2 Generating valid HTML markup using the is_xhtml parameter

echo nl2br("Welcome\r\nThis is my HTML document"false);

The above example will output:

This is my HTML document


Version Description
5.3.0 Added the optional is_xhtml parameter.
4.0.5 nl2br() is now XHTML compliant. All older versions will return string with '<br>' inserted before newlines instead of '<br />'.

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