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PHP proc_terminate

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(PHP 5)

proc_terminateKills a process opened by proc_open


bool proc_terminate ( resource $process [, int $signal= 15 ] )

Signals a process (created using proc_open()) that it should terminate. proc_terminate() returns immediately and does not wait for the process to terminate.

proc_terminate() allows you terminate the process and continue with other tasks. You may poll the process (to see if it has stopped yet) by using the proc_get_status() function. However this is only possible with PHP 5.2.2 or newer, as previous versions destroyed the given process resource .



The proc_open() resource that will be closed.


This optional parameter is only useful on POSIX operating systems; you may specify a signal to send to the process using the kill(2) system call. The default is SIGTERM.

Return Values

Returns the termination status of the process that was run.

See Also

  • proc_open() - Execute a command and open file pointers for input/output
  • proc_close() - Close a process opened by proc_open and return the exit code of that process
  • proc_get_status() - Get information about a process opened by proc_open