PYTHON property_exists

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Python replacement for PHP's property_exists [ edit | history ]
hasattr(class, property)
Note: there is no distinction between fields and methods of an object in Python (a method is just a field that is callable)

PHP property_exists

PHP original manual for property_exists [ show | ]


(PHP 5 >= 5.1.0)

property_exists Checks if the object or class has a property


bool property_exists ( mixed $class , string $property )

This function checks if the given property exists in the specified class.

Note: As opposed with isset(), property_exists() returns TRUE even if the property has the value NULL.



The class name or an object of the class to test for


The name of the property

Return Values

Returns TRUE if the property exists, FALSE if it doesn't exist or NULL in case of an error.


Version Description
5.3.0 This function checks the existence of a property independent of accessibility.


Example #1 A property_exists() example


class myClass {
    static protected 

    static function 
test() {
var_dump(property_exists('myClass''xpto')); //true

var_dump(property_exists('myClass''mine'));   //true
var_dump(property_exists(new myClass'mine')); //true
var_dump(property_exists('myClass''xpto'));   //true, as of PHP 5.3.0
var_dump(property_exists('myClass''bar'));    //false
var_dump(property_exists('myClass''test'));   //true, as of PHP 5.3.0


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