PYTHON quoted_printable_encode

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Python replacement for PHP's quoted_printable_encode [ edit | history ]
#Python 2.x:
result = data.encode('quopri')

#Python 3.x:
import quopri
result = quopri.encodestring(data)

PHP quoted_printable_encode

PHP original manual for quoted_printable_encode [ show | ]


(PHP 5 >= 5.3.0)

quoted_printable_encodeConvert a 8 bit string to a quoted-printable string


string quoted_printable_encode ( string $str )

Returns a quoted printable string created according to » RFC2045, section 6.7.

This function is similar to imap_8bit(), except this one does not require the IMAP module to work.



The input string.

Return Values

Returns the encoded string.

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