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PHP stream_get_contents

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(PHP 5)

stream_get_contentsReads remainder of a stream into a string


string stream_get_contents ( resource $handle [, int $maxlength= -1 [, int $offset= 0 ]] )

Identical to file_get_contents(), except that stream_get_contents() operates on an already open stream resource and returns the remaining contents in a string, up to maxlength bytes and starting at the specified offset .


handle (resource)

A stream resource (e.g. returned from fopen())

maxlength (integer)

The maximum bytes to read. Defaults to -1 (read all the remaining buffer).

offset (integer)

Seek to the specified offset before reading. Added in PHP 5.1.0.

Return Values

Returns a string, or FALSE on failure.


Example #1 stream_get_contents() example


if ($stream fopen('''r')) {
// print all the page starting at the offset 10
echo stream_get_contents($stream, -110);


if (
$stream fopen('''r')) {
// print the first 5 bytes
echo stream_get_contents($stream5);



See Also

  • fgets() - Gets line from file pointer
  • fread() - Binary-safe file read
  • fpassthru() - Output all remaining data on a file pointer

Note: This function is binary-safe.