PYTHON Serializable::unserialize

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Python replacement for PHP's Serializable::unserialize [ edit | history ]
from phpserialize import serialize, unserialize
str = serialize({'loginip': '', 'uid': 96, 'loginfrom': 4, 'logintime': 1317200595})
print str
print unserialize(str)

PHP Serializable::unserialize

PHP original manual for Serializable::unserialize [ show | ]


(PHP 5 >= 5.1.0)

Serializable::unserializeConstructs the object


abstract public mixed Serializable::unserialize ( string $serialized )

Called during unserialization of the object.

Note: This method acts as the constructor of the object. The __construct() method will not be called after this method.



The string representation of the object.

Return Values

Returns the original value unserialized.

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