PYTHON Data (RFC 2397)

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PHP Data (RFC 2397)

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Data (RFC 2397)

The data: (» RFC 2397) stream wrapper is available since PHP 5.2.0.

Example #1 Print data:// contents

// prints "I love PHP"
echo file_get_contents('data://text/plain;base64,SSBsb3ZlIFBIUAo=');

Example #2 Fetch the media type

$meta stream_get_meta_data($fp);

// prints "text/plain"
echo $meta['mediatype'];

Wrapper Summary
Attribute Supported
Restricted by allow_url_fopen No
Restricted by allow_url_include Yes
Allows Reading Yes
Allows Writing No
Allows Appending No
Allows Simultaneous Reading and Writing No
Supports stat() No
Supports unlink() No
Supports rename() No
Supports mkdir() No
Supports rmdir() No